Tacloban official lauds locals for being typhoon resilient

By Lizbeth Ann A. Abella

TACLOBAN CITY, Nov. 9 (PNA) – The normalcy of lives of the people in this city two years after super typhoon “Yolanda” is a testament of their resiliency, said Vice Mayor Jerry T. Yaokasin.

“As much as possible, people want to move on. Although there are still families who are grieving, it will take some time for the wounds to heal, others are gearing towards normalcy” Yaokasin said.

However, two years after super typhoon Yolanda, some survivors are claiming that their needs, especially with permanent shelter are unanswered.

Citing his experience in joining several cluster meeting for the permanent shelter, Yaokasin was able to see the real score as to how government works.

“Our proposal is really to have an agency or department that will focus on resettlement, as well as with electricity, water, and all other needs for a disaster-affected community,” Yaokasin said.

The proposed agency, according to Yaokasin “should oversee in times of rehabilitation after disaster, an agency with power to be able to bypass and to supersede and to be able to make things a little bit faster.”

The official is optimistic that by the time Tacloban commemorates the third year of Yolanda, those that are living in bunkhouses, will be able to transfer to permanent shelters.

Yaokasin is hopeful that when the whole world think of Yolanda, they would not only think of Tacloban, but when they think about resilience, they would think of the people of Tacloban.

“When they think of the word resilience, they will also think of the people of Tacloban, let us show the whole world that we are a resilient people. I hope that this will be our hallmark,” he added. (PNA)