Glutinous native ‘kakanin’ dominates Ilonggo tables during All Saints Day

By Perla G. Lena

ILOILO CITY, Oct 29 (PNA)-– Despite the advent of modern technology, Ilonggos honor their dead in the tradition of their forefathers through prayers, candles and flowers.But their tables are laden with native foods and “kakanin” delicacies as their traditional offering to the departed love ones on All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2.

Native delicacies whose prominent ingredients are the glutinous “malagkit” rice in the form of suman, puto, cuchinta, suman latik, maja blanca, baye-baye, bibingka, kalamay hati, ibos and arros ala valenciana that lay side by side with spaghetti, lechon and other Americanized dishes are served to members of the family and friends who drop by.

The glutinous rice goes with muscovado sugar and coconut milk to make the delicious and yummy “kakanin” as the family gathers to enjoy and savor the family reunion and bonding.

There is no clear explanation why the Ilonggos prefer the native glutinous “kakanin” and delicacies on this celebration. Started by the Ilonggo great, great grandparents, the “kakanin” was adapted from generations until today.

Perhaps the ingredients are easily accessible and cheaper. A kilo of malagkit rice cost Php65 while a kilo of moscovado costs Php60 and a coconut head is Php25 with no price increase ahead.

Senior Ilonggos believed that serving native food invite souls of departed family members to dine so that the souls will not disturb other family members inside the house. The old ones still believe that once dead souls greet anybody from the family members, it causes illness particularly fever.

On the other hand, the Transportation Management and Traffic Regulation Office (TMTRO) will be on standby in the next 48 hours to help in traffic management in the city’s 16 public and private cemeteries. Traffic aides and barangay tanods will also help ease the traffic flow.

In Molo district, the public cemetery have prominent personalities buried there. Among them were the late Senator Rodolfo T. Ganzon and Jose Ma. Arroyo Ray Pidal, the grandfather of former First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo.

The prominent Lopez Clan has their own private cemetery in Jaro district where the late Philippine Vice President Fernando Lopez and his wife Mariquit were buried.(PNA)