The art of history: Reynaldo paints of the teaching doctrines

Afterward, Reynaldo remembered those years was the landmark experiment of different style and touches of different masters “I’d been doing the same style of Vincent Van Gogh, in my series of dancing in the garden and I imitated his few style of the Starry Night”. He has explored as young dedicated engineering students the art of William Blake “I love the work of William Blake, his book, The Symmetry, though he’s a poet, I was also influence his literary works on the, Rose, which able me to compost my painting, titled, The World within the World, like the touches of Hieronymus” And so Reynaldo had explored a wider views and the perspective of the art history, by studying alone, she said “During free time in my school days, I use to stay in our library, sometimes I have to escape my meals only to finish reading the art history books, because we are not allowed to borrow those books in the Mezzanine.” The mere fact that Reynaldo is highly influence by the Western Art rather than the Eastern Art as he almost disregards the works of Filipino Master, not because he don’t like their works, “No, I also love the works of Amorsolo, Felix Hedalgo, Juan Luna, and many other master of Contemporary Philippine Arts, but the only reason why non of my works revealed one of their touches, it is because, I’m over feed with Panoramic Scenes and events of the Philippine Holocaust of Arts.” “I even thought that exploring the other side of art history is more promising to me and their arts is dominant, but I’d realized that there is no superiority in arts, though Western country are fun of talking more about famous Mona Lisa and while for us its only the “Women with Flower Vase” of Amorsolo.”

Moreover Reynaldo is very young at that age, and his exploration of art is only to give him a space and relaxation after all the pain and struggles in prelim and major exam in engineering, “Art gave me full relaxation, and it suite to my pensive personality, of which I love doing painting while listening to a classic instrumental music”
Reynaldo’s own story began in 1977, when he was born in Tagbilaran City, Bohol., from parents who themselves had stayed far from San Jose, Antique. Reynaldo said, “I was Grade 3 when I left my parents and all other remaining years where through the support of my Aunt in Antique.”

As explains in the Reynaldo retrospective over the movement of colors and lines: The Art and Life of Reynaldo that the painter was more of a childhood play of the Van Gogh the impressionist than a major contributor to it: The movement’s celebration of being a Filipino artist – inspired him to use the other racial heritage for subject matter, and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of modern encouraged his use of expressive techniques associated with early twentieth first-century modernism. Reynaldo favored, for example, bold colors, chopped patterns, and abstract representations of epochal events in a dramatic scenario as well as the kind of experiences of theatrical plots. He painted, for instance, series of canvasses that offered visual stories of the modern scenario, using the bold theme of pure and evil such as the series works of temptation.

Somehow his talents and theme attracted the attention of few viewers, during short span of group shows and exhibition, and showing of these in bigger panel would have been promising. However, there is much and something to ponder into this art that only those sensitive mind-setter of the theological doctrine, would revealed his art teaches us the story written in the doctrine.

Early years, Reynaldo had varied exploration, and he is not only using familiar style, that one would say, that‘s his art: 2010, just few days after joining one of the major art competition in the Philippine that I give attention to his work, “Mother and Child”. This shows how his new genuinely mature mind in art, incorporating for the first time the Philippine Figures and Culture, yet behind the canvas is still the shadow of his other self (the foreign mind set) that some how gave less taste to be included in the winners list.

Reynaldo entered into my premise of study as new cocoon in Asian art, after joining in the world bistro art, I hurdle hours and minutes to see him online for interviews. After years of knowing and becoming my artist network, I_ is that proud of being who he is to my perception, for I believe that every artist has his art and history contribution: His works teaches the doctrine of life.