WinSource Solutions Inc.

WinSource Solutions Inc. is a premiere Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company providing innovative business solutions. WinSource is owned by WinAce Holdings, a wholly Philippine-owned diversified multinational conglomerate. Our 20 years of collective management service in contact center services, BPO, and BOT assure our clients of services, performance, and quality that exceed expectations.

We set the standards in Business Process Outsourcing through an empowered work force, state-of-the-art technology, well-developed and customer-centered strategies, and strong leadership. Aside from our commitment to offer the best services, we also offer cost effective services to our global partners. We have developed key partnership with leading technology providers to ensure delivery of state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our line of businesses includes outbound, inbound, transcription and encoding services, CADD design and rendering, and IT outsourcing which includes development, programming, testing, and deployment.
Our Mission

The mission of WinSource Solutions, Inc. (WSI) is to deliver exceptional solutions to outsourcing requirements that add value to the interests of clients and stakeholders through proactive and professional services, streamlines processes, and cutting edge information and communication technologies which are gully redundant and secured.

Our Vision

WinSource Solutions Inc. (WSI) shall be the leading ISO 9001:2008 certified outsourcing service company in the Asia Pacific Region.

Company Credo

When you give your best to the world, the world returns the flavor. Please read carefully and live these lessons daily until it becomes a habit, and eventually, a VIRTUE of every Winace employee.

1. We will accomplish what we do together. We share our success, and we never let any one of us fall alone.

2. We are all fully grown adults. We will act as such, and expect the same form the people around us.

3. We will not keep secrets. Information that affects all will be shared by all of us, and we willquickly and openly work to separate fact from fiction.

4.We will not lie to ourselves or to each other. None of us will tolerate any of us doing so. We will depend on each other for the truth.

5. We will keep our word. We will say what we mean, and do what we say. We trust the word of others to be good as well.

6. We will keep our head. We will not panic in the face of tough times. We will always choose to roll up our sleeves rather than wring our hands.

7. We will develop our abilities and take pride in them. We will set our own standards higher than our most challenging opponent, and we will please our clients by pleasing ourselves.

8. We will treat our office like home and our colleagues like family. We Spend so much time together what we should work harmoniously as a team to make things better.

9. We will be unselfish and expect that everyone else will exhibit this same quality. We will care about each other without expectations.

10. We will lok out for each other. We truly believe that we are our brother’s keeper.

11. We will perform to the best of our abilities, exercising excellence in all aspects of our lives with the realization that doing so will surely bring success and honor to ourselves and to our organization. The price tag for failure is always greater than the price tag for success.

12. We are members of the WinAce Holding Phils., Inc. family. As such, we take pride in our successes and must go on without letting up if we want to achieve our goal.

* These 12 Covenants have been adapted from the University of Southern California Credo