PHL tourism earnings hit Php152.19 B in Jan-August 2015

MANILA, Oct. 10 (PNA) — The Department of Tourism (DOT) over the weekend announced that tourism revenues in the Philippines reached Php 152.19 billion in the first eight months this year.

DOT said that while the biggest visitor receipts was recorded in January 2015 with Php 22.48 billion, July and August posted double-digit gain compared with thefigures the other months.

Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) of international visitors for the month of August 2015 was recorded at Php 5,009.18 while Average Length of Stay (ALoS) for the same month registered 10.90 nights. These figures showed an increase of 20.41 percent and 1.58 percent, respectively.

On the other hand, Average per capita expenditure of visitors for the month in review was Php 54,600.01. This figure showed a double-digit increase of 22.32 percent versus the August 2014 average per capita spending of Php44,637.68.

Visitors from Korea provided the biggest contribution to visitor earnings for the country with Php 8.85 billion while visitors from the United States registered the second biggest spending of Php 2.72 billion.

China with inbound receipt of Php 1.45 billion and Japan with an aggregate spending of Php1.44 billion provided the third and fourth biggest visitor receipts for the Philippines.

Australia, with an accumulated spending of Php 1.08 billion positioned itself as the 5th biggest contributor of visitor earnings for the country.

Among the top ten spending markets of the country, visitors from Saudi Arabia recorded the highest per capita spending of Php 80,826.15, followed by visitors from Australia which recorded a per capita spent of Php 68,442.94.

Visitors from Korea registered a per capita expenditure of Php 63,484.70 while visitors from the United States and United Kingdom recorded per capita spent of Php 54,361.44 and Php 47,735.26, respectively. (PNA)