Dagupan market revenue collection continues to increase

DAGUPAN CITY, Oct. 9 (PNA) — Income from the city market of Dagupan continues to grow this year, an indication of increased business activities and enhanced dynamism by local traders.

City Market Superintendent Aguedo Sta. Maria said the whole market of Dagupan from January to September has netted P48,059,000 million from stall rentals and daily cash tickets, higher from last year’s P43,265,000 for the same period by P4,794,000.

Dagupan has four markets, namely Malimgas I, Malimgas II, Magsaysay Fish Market and Galvan Market. The biggest of this is Malimgas Market 1.

Sta. Maria said if the good business climate in Dagupan will continue, they can collect P60 to P62 million by the end of the year.

Last year’s collection from the market for the whole year was P59 million.

Malimgas I is now almost fully occupied since Mayor Belen Fernandez took over the reins of the city.

He said they are netting P5 million from the Malimgas I alone as compared to only P3.6 million a month during the past city administration.

Last week, Sta. Maria closed down eight stalls for failure of the owners to pay their rentals but opened the same after the stall owners paid their dues.

He said there are now only a few stalls left vacant in the first and second floors of Malimgas I as compared to the situation before when it was almost deserted by stallholders. (PNA)