James gains more sympathy, Kris blamed for trouble

PNS — LOOKS like James Yap gained more sympathizers who think it’s selfish of Kris Aquino to try getting sole custody of Baby James and to change the boy’s surname. The reaction on the Internet is so negative for Kris and even the letters we receive are all for James.

In “Showbiz Central” last Sunday, they had a short interview with James during the hearing in Makati with Kris and one thing was obvious: James does not have a positive TV persona simply because he’s not even half as glib or articulate as his very loquacious wife. This is understandable since he’s really more of an athlete and this is also probably the reason why he let his lawyer Lorna Kapunan, be interviewed live by Pia Guanio for the show, even if Kapunan said James was very much surprised when Kris filed for nullity of their marriage since they still live together, even if they have separate bedrooms. To make matters worse, the petition was served to James on the day that he was given the most valuable player award. “Maraming isinasaad ‘yung complaint na nagulat si James dahil hindi niya alam na ganun pala ang feelings ni Kris sa kanya,” the lawyer said. Pia asked if the female minister who married James and Kris was really unauthorized. “In the five years of their marriage, they never questioned the authority of Minister Tumaliwan. Pareho silang in good faith noon. Kung walang authority ‘yung minister, bakit dalawang beses nila ginamit kasi they were married twice? Noong first kasi, walang parental advice si James and he’s only 23, kaya inulit with the same minister. They said ‘yun daw sect ng minister na ‘yun, nakansela na, but the minister has a registered license to marry at nagkakasal pa siya hanggang ngayon.”

About the petition to change Baby James’ surname from Yap to Cojuangco Aquino, Kapunan said: “Kris was ill-advised by her lawyers. Kasi gusto nila palabasing illegitimate si Baby James. But they forgot the Revilla Law of Sen. Revilla Sr. It says na maski illegitimate ang bata, if the father consents to use his name, legitimate pa rin ‘yun. E, si James, he was the one who signed the birth certificate of their son.” Kapunan also clarified that James never asked for any amount or property of Kris even if he has the right under the community property law since they have no pre-nuptial agreement. “Puwede nila paghatian lahat ng properties acquired during the time they were married,” she added.

Apparently, James is now determined to fight back. If “The Buzz” is the turf of Kris, “Showbiz Central” now champions James as he will be featured solo next Sunday in “The Story of Your Life” portion for viewers to know more about the real James Yap.