Solon urge DepEd to review ALCADEV curriculum on Lumad schools

By Sammy F. Martin

MANILA, Oct. 3 (PNA) — Iloilo City Rep. Jerry Trenas over the weekend urged the Department of Education (DepEd) to immediately review the curriculum of schools run by the Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development (ALCADEV) following video documentary showing ALCADEV volunteers practically teaching Lumad children to hate their own government.

“I was shocked to see children being taught to hate their own government particularly the military. We educate our children to learn love and respect not only for their fellowmen but also for their country and their government. From what I saw on video, ALCADEV is sowing the seed of hatred and distrust towards their own government in the minds of our young children,” Trenas said.

” The mind of the young is like a sponge. They absorb everything that is taught to them and can barely differentiate what is right and wrong. Topics like the so-called militarization and indoctrinating them with radical views is not the stuff that we should be teaching our children,” he added.

He said that just like any educational institution, the ALCADEV system should strictly comply with the curriculum set by DepEd and should stop teaching children to hate government soldiers and should refrain from indoctrinating them to promote anti-government beliefs.

The Visayan solon said that ALCADEV has even altered the lyrics of the country’s national anthem Lupang Hinirang to profess their allegiance not to the Philippine flag but to the “hammer and sickle” flag of the communist insurgents.

“This is really sad because our Lumad children are being exploited to sow hate and promote anti-government beliefs. DepEd should never allow this because this is a poison that will blight the minds of our young Lumads. We should teach our children how to love and respect and inspire them to help in nation-building,” he pointed out.

According to Trenas, instead of relying on organizations like ALCADEV, DepEd and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) should forge a stronger partnership to encourage more rural educators while ensuring peace, security and progress in Lumad communities. (PNA)