Maguindanao power provider seeks LGUs help to improve collection efficiency

COTABATO CITY, Sept 30 (PNA) — Officials of the Maguindanao Electric Cooperative (Magelco) have sought the help of local government units in improving its collection efficiency as the cooperative’s collectibles continue to rise.

Magelco hosted Tuesday the Magelco Stakeholders’ summit in Koronadal City where Cooperative General Manager Sultan Ashary Maongco presented the power firm’s plans and programs for 2016.

“We need the help of our local government units, our LGU officials to addressing rising collectibles,” Maongco said, adding that many LGUs have huge payables to the cooperative.

He said to date, Magelco’s collectibles has risen to more than Php900,000 while its loan payables reached to more than Php1 billion.

He admitted that the power provider’s collection efficiency rate has gone down to 50 percent.

He cited power consumers of North and South Upi where the firm has more than 100 percent collection rate.

“LGUs roles were crucial in improving our collection rate, otherwise these towns will continue to experience power outages as power suppliers would reduce supply due to Magelco’s low payment performance,” he said.

Datu Piang Councilor Sammy Ibrahim lauded the reforms implemented by new Magelco leadership. “With the reforms we have seen, Datu Piang is encouraged to help improve the firm’s collection, all of us will benefit anyway,” Ibrahim said.

He vowed to pass a resolution in the town council supporting the reforms imposed by Magelco management.

Maongco urged other local governments in Maguindanao to emulate the efforts of Datu Piang local government. (PNA)