Legislator seeks PHP1M for each of Cebu City’s 80 villages for disaster tools

CEBU CITY, Sept. 22 (PNA) — A Cebu City legislator has filed a resolution seeking the release of PHP1 million for each of the city’s 80 barangays to be used for the purchase of disaster equipment.

In his proposed resolution, Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak said the PHP1 million for disaster equipment of the villages will be taken from the PHP80-million lump sum budget this year for the purchase of disaster response and rescue-or calamity-related equipment.

The PHP80 million forms part of the city’s local development fund (LDF) under the PHP13.4-billion 2015 annual budget this year.

The LDF is 20 percent of the Internal Revenue Allotment of each local government unit.

The city’s LDF this year amounts to PHP586.6 million.

Tumulak said the equipment will help make the barangays ready for any disaster that may strike their respective areas.

Tumulak, who is also the presiding officer of the Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, said the city will also provide the barangays the necessary training for life saving and rescue operations.

He said he has requested the barangays to submit to him an approved resolution listing down the disaster or rescue equipment they want to buy.

But he reminded the barangays of Department of Interior and Local Government’s Memorandum Circular 2012-73 issued in April 2012, which provides for the guidelines on what equipment needs to be purchased for disaster risk reduction and management.

The circular states that the flooding equipment that can be purchased by the barangays include rubber boats, life vests, rescue whistles, megaphones with siren, floodlights, rain gauges, breathing apparatus, portable generator set, illuminated jackets, warning bells and life buoys, among others.

The earthquake rescue equipment include forklifts, graders, hacksaws, backhoes, chisels, electric drills, chainsaws, concrete cutters, jackhammers, shovels and crowbars and full-body harnesses.

Landslide rescue equipment include dump trucks, graders, backhoes, hi-powered flashlights, emergency lights, foldable stretchers and forklifts, among others. (PNA)