WebTalk Marks History in Web Technology

Premiere service provider of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in Asia, VoiceOne Asia, revolutionizes the internet communication technology as it launches WebTalk, the country’s first fully-functional, toll-free service that directly connects everyone from internet to phone system anytime and anywhere in the world.

“With WebTalk, we are providing businesses and their customers an easy access to better worldwide connection by taking full advantage of the internet technology. We hope that WebTalk will be the innovative partner of businesses to increase their presence worldwide, to have better internal connections among their employees and enhanced efficiency of their services and products for their customers,” says Cyril Rocke, President of DataOne Asia, Inc., and its subsidiary VoiceOne Asia.

WebTalk will also soon be offering WebTalk Directory wherein a simple company listing on the site can become the entry point for all business communications. This gives businesses cost-efficient inbound and outbound Sales and Customer Service activity and allows businesses to maximize their opportunity for joint ventures through their own website. With just one click, anyone can make a phone call to any business establishment. That’s no phone number, no application download and no per-minute charge required.

Aside from its converged end-to-end web communication services, WebTalk features toll-free services, voice private network and voice portal for hassle-free communication channels.

“With WebTalk, VoiceOne will definitely aid businesses as they scale-up, grow and be globally competitive with the progressing IT trends worldwide,” concludes Rocke.

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About VoiceOne Asia: VoiceOne is a subsidiary of DataOne Asia, the leading data center in the Philippines that provides world-class Enterprise IT services. VoiceOne is the new generation telecom provider that offers Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services to enterprises in the Philippines.