Lacierda to Escudero: Jurisprudence allow us to do whatever we are currently doing

By Joann Santiago

MANILA, Sept. 21 (PNA) — Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda on Monday reiterated that he is not using government money when talking about politics as this is under jurisprudence.

He made the statement after Sen. Francis Escudero, who has announced his decision to run for vice president under independent Presidential candidate Sen. Grade Poe, claimed that the former was using government money in speaking for the ruling Liberal Party (LP).

Escudero has even urged Lacierda to resign from his post because of this.

However, Lacierda, in a statement , cited that “the Supreme Court has long ago rendered a decision that the office of a cabinet secretary is a political office.”

“If Sen. Escudero has an issue with that jurisprudence, he is free to revisit the SC decision,” he said.

The Presidential Spokesperson explained that at his current position he is “being paid by taxpayers to speak for the President” who in turn, “has spoken of his endorsement of Mar Roxas.”

He, on the other hand, pointed out that “like Sen. Escudero, I am also a taxpayer but unlike Sen. Escudero, I do not use taxpayer’s money and time to promote myself and run for higher office,”

“But I do not question that because the law allows him to do that. Therefore, the issue of taxpayer’s money on me or on Sen. Escudero is irrelevant as the law and jurisprudence allow us to do whatever we are currently doing,” he added. (PNA)