Belmonte admits Anti-Dynasty bill is dead

By Sammy F. Martin

MANILA, Sept. 21 (PNA) — Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., on Monday admitted that anti-dynasty bill is considered dead in the House of Representatives.

In a press conference, Belmonte aditted that the measure, which was approved in the committee chaired by Capiz Rep. Fredenil Castro was never recommended for plenary despite approval made by House committee on Appropriations.

“We have mixed opinions on the number of members who will be allowed to run,” Belmonte told House reporters.

The measure approved in the committee level allows only two members of the second degree of consanguinity and affinity of the family but is allowing relatives affected to run in other places.

“We have complied with our obligation. Under the Constitution which says that anti-dynasty as may be provided by law. But I do not want to support anti-dynasty law which has full of holes,” Belmonte said.

The anti-dynasty Senate version wants only one per family while the House is two but what bothers many members of the House of Representatives is the provision allowing any member of the family to run for any position if he already resides in other province or city.

The House leadership said that this is worst because the measure is already legalizing dynasty elsewhere which he said he cannot allowed.

He argued that there are more important measure needed to be given more time as he admitted that the time is no longer in their favor like the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

He said there were 10 more interpelators lined up as they need to pass this measure before they pass the General Appropriations Act of 2016 on second reading before they goes on recess on the third week of October.

“You’re right. The time is no longer favoring us as we need to pass BBL before we goes on recess because it needs budget,” Belmonte admitted.

Meanwhile, when asked about the fate of Freedom of Information, Belmonte said FOI is always in the calendar of business. Unluckily, the measure have not been called on the floor because the quorum is being questioned. (PNA)