Cristine longs for a date with real man

PNS — THE second sexiest woman in the world today is raring to meet her dream boy via a dream date in Boracay.

“I want a real man, but a gentleman who knows what I want,” Cristine Reyes said in an interview.

After a failed relationship, and after establishing herself as a woman on her own, Cristine said she has become more careful in choosing a man to date.

As a girl, she said, there must be “kilig” factor.

“A simple dinner, a simple talk about everything under the sun is enough for me,” she said. Her date, however, should be man enough to know that a girl wants to be pampered.

“He must have a sense of humor and must make me happy every inch of the way,” she said.

Voted the sexiest woman alive by FHM magazine last year, and second to Angel Locsin this year, Cristine said she has no secret beauty regimen. She said she drinks lots of water, eats lots of fruits and fibrous food and makes sure that she has complete rest and can do some exercise to maintain her whistle bait figure.

Cristine acknowledges that most of her fans are males. Why? Because she has the beauty that every man would want to bring home to his mother.

Cristine said an ideal date is a walk on the beach, dinner on the terrace overlooking the sea with the moon shining brightly on them, or a boat ride on their way for beach hopping or doing some exploring together like snorkeling or diving.

Cristine said she could meet the man of her dream in September via the Colt 45 Vava Vroom Promo. She said she and the lucky winner of the promo will meet in Boracay for a weekend date.

“I am excited, who knows, he could be the one I am looking for,” she said.

She said the promo, which started a few weeks ago, seeks a real man who drinks Colt 45. a Candidates, she said, must collect 10 silver crowns of the best beer in town and put it in an envelope together with name, birth date, contact number, email address, home address and signature and drop in designated drop boxes or at the 2Go outlets. A lucky winner will be chosen on September 30 for a dream date in Boracay. She said her date need not spend for her, “but he may bring me flowers.”