By: Leo C. Bandejo

The very first automated election finally brought to conclusion; Aquino reigns. As what most of the Filipinos says; “Aquino’s triumph is the start of change in Philippines”. But what is it really that he can change when at the first place he is saying to use his parent’s way of doing things, in other words “copying”, thus where would be the change?

Filipinos are too blind to see the real issue here. Every channel in the television talks about corruption, killing, bad governance, and chaos. But what can we do? No one reads an article of flowery words, thus news companies should dig up negative news for them to live on and people just tend to react on what they have seen or heard. Think about this, then ask yourself, “what is it that we really need? Change or improvement?”.

They say that the Aquino administration shows the Philippine government no sign of corruption. Well sure, it’s true, but is it really the type of administration we need? People of the Philippines please be reminded that the Philippine economy declined during the late Cory Aquino’s governance. Are we blinded by pride? Analyze the fact using corruption as a word against the opponent despite of evidences easily changed or idealisms and our choice. Is this what we call an “Ideal President”? And in his time, what kind of project could he provide to the Filipinos without stepping on the same yellow brick road as his mother’s? A chance is what he asked and a chance is what we provide, but what if he fails to lift the economy and eliminate poverty in this poor country of wasted blood? What kind of negative infliction would it offer to his historical parents? One foolish move would change the vision of the Filipinos.

Competency? Does the ideal president have such? What if he doesn’t know what else to do? Where would he for ask help? Are his advisers in such reliability that we would entrust the greatest power a citizen could have in this country? I mean during the 2010 campaign, I’ve never heard him say what he can do yet highly speaks about the wrong doings of the other parties. Being in the chair of the great Malacañang palace means you should be able to do something and not just being able to control yourself. Well, maybe my deductions are wrong because it was still just the election, but imagine the risk it would put the Philippines into when I am right.

Dedication? The very first question that came in to my mind. It doesn’t mean those were your parents that you are exactly like them. What kind of dedication or how high can his dedication be? Let’s us try to project a vision to such situation that what if Cory Aquino survived? Would there be any candidacy? Did he file his candidacy just because of the frenzy of appreciation and the massive encouragement for him to run after the death of Ex-President Cory Aquino? Wait, isn’t this taking advantage? What a sure way to win: If you have historical parents wait for them to die before you will file your candidacy.

And as the results of the PCOS machines show that millions of votes sided Aquino, I can’t help to think about the possible negative effects it would create to this country. And if ever the deductions of this childish minded college student were of high possibility, well.. at least we would be better next election.