Talent manager’s woes

PNS — IT was our first time to watch Paparazzi and instantly sensed the wonderful bonding among the hosts. It is so unlike The View where the female hosts argue endlessly on top of their voices. There is no upstaging as Cristy plays mother hen to all. Ruffa is more than just a beauty to behold. It helps that Mo Twister has a smiling face to absorb every comment he makes. Dolly Ann reminds us of her mom, the late Queen of Talks, Inday Badiday. No comparison is necessary because she attacks issues on a different level.

Paparazzi played it fair and square on the issue why some Sexbomb dancers left the group. Both sides aired their tampos (if there was any) and all is well in the end.

Money matters were never an issue because what was stipulated in the contract was followed to the letter by their manager. This we have to say though. Whatever Joy Concio does with her money is nobody’s business and to imply that she might have spent the fee of her talents during her casino sprees in the past is out of context.