People vote today!


Today is Election Day. When I opened my Facebook, these are the messages that I read which I would wish to share with my friends, acquaintances and all other folks who still believe in a moral cause such as what my wishers here embraced.

MESSAGES for Primer Pagunuran from Rome, Australia and Sri Lanka

From Rev. Fr. Antonio Egiguren (Rome)

Dear Tess, of course, my prayers for Primer, May the Lord bring to service people like your husband who wish to serve the poor, and moreover during these difficult financial times, where the crisis is caused by the greed of a few.

Hope to be able to see you when I get to Manila on July 16, God willing, and also your husband, Primer, as a Congressman of the Country, servant of the wonderful Filipino people.

Best wishes and blessings.



From Rev. Fr. Dennis Rochford (Australia)

Dear Tess,

I am honored to pray and offer Mass for the success of PRIMER PAGUNURAN’s campaign in favor of the ordinary folks of his Province and wider. We Catholics, throughout the world, always watch the elections in the Philippines with a special interest and concern. Due process and law have long been flaunted by the authorities and economic elites. As you say, it’s the right of the people to have their proper voice recorded, though I would not put too much confidence in technology if the hearts of bureaucrats are poisoned.

My best wishes as always. I look forward to a victory celebration in a barrio not a 4star!


Father Dennis


From Fr. Xavier E. Manavath CMF (Sri Lanka)

Dear Tess:

Certainly. I shall remember Primer Pagunuran very especially during my mass and prayers. I am glad to pray for such a noble goal. I would love to see him elected to the House of Representatives so that he can do so much good. Let all the poor and the marginalized benefit.
Love and Prayers:

Fr. Xavier E. Manavath, CMF

It humbles me to think that people do pray for people, dream for a life beyond their own, and wish for greatness if and only if the greed of a few can be buried in the graveyard of moral decadence.

I, before God and people, stand firm to this challenge. But I sure wish that all people of the same moral compass to stand by me in these trying times. As President Obama openly said with overarching emphasis, I too say, “YES WE CAN”. I stand, full and square, to this new challenge in my life.
*PRIMER PAGUNURAN – Congressional Candidate, First District, Antipolo City