Richard Gordon vs. Pulse Asia and SWS

On Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia’s survey on the presidential candidates, Richard Gordon is on the 6th place having a 2% percentage too way far from Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar and Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

Aquino is on the 1st place having 37%, Villar on the 2nd with 25% followed by Estrada on the 3rd place with 18%.

Upon knowing this, Gordon got very angry to Pulse Asia and SWS for including his name in the survey without asking for his consent. He said that he will file a case against the two companies for doing such actions. He also said that the two companies were paid by Aquino and Villar to put them to the 1st and 2nd place respactively.

“Our company is a non-stock, non-profit scientific organization”, said Mahar Mangahas, SWS president.