San Juan City government warns unscrupulous LPG retailers, dealers

Warning on unscrupulous LPG dealers

Philippine Information Agency

San Juan dads warn unscrupulous LPG retailers, delears

San Juan City, M.M. (14 Jan 2010) — In a move to protect its citizens from unscrupulous Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) dealers and retailers, the Sangguniang Panlungsod (City Council) of San Juan late last year passed City Ordinance No. 42-2009 that will penalize illegal refilling, adulteration, underfilling, and underdelivering of LPG and automotive LPG in the city.

Principally sponsored by outgoing three-term councilor Dante Santiago, the ordinance, called the “LPG SAFETY ORDINANCE OF SAN JUAN CITY”, aims to control if not totally stop unscrupulous LPG industry players who will sell tampered and underweight LPG products.

Santiago, who hails from Bgy. Pedro Cruz, said that some dealers and retailers are reportedly offering under-filled LPG tanks without fear of prosecution.

Santiago said that the clamor to ban and penalize the use of tampered and substandard LPG cylinders and the need to punish illegal refilling and the use of dilapidated LPG cylinders have grown not only in the city of San Juan but in other places as well.

“As the lawmakers of the city, the Sangguniang Panlungsod members have acted to protect families, homes, property and communities from the threat of fires and explosions that may be caused by unsafe and illegal LPG gas cylinders or refilling stations,” Santiago explained.

Previous councils of San Juan have approved two Ordinances regarding LPG namely: Amended Ordinance 70-2002 entitled “An Ordinance Prohibiting Unauthorized Dealers of LPG Tanks to Sell Their Wares in San Juan, Metro Manila” and Ordinance 14-2005 entitled “An Ordinance Requiring the Mandatory Installation of Safety Devices for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Powered Appliances and Machinery in Restaurants, Eateries, Hotels, Motels, Commercial and Industrial Establishments and Places of Public Patronage, Providing for the Inspection and Approval of the Same and Penalties for the Violation Thereof.”

“These two previous ordinances will be further boosted with the passage of Ordinance42-2009,” Santiago added.

“Aside from the LPG refillers and retail outlets, We also wish to warn the Auto-LPG Industry Participants who will soon put up refilling stations in the city to follow this ordinance to the letter or be heavily fined or even incarcerated,” Santiago warned. (PIA)