Ceremony held to honor 35 honest airport personnel — MIAA

MANILA, Aug. 3 (PNA) — A commendation ceremony on Monday was held for 35 airport personnel for practicing honesty in their work—particularly in retrieving lost items found within the premises of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminals.

According to the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), the 35 personnel honored consisted of airport police, janitors, taxi drivers, among others.

A commendation ceremony is held for outstanding airport personnel every month.

During the ceremony, personnel are given certificates during the monthly flag raising ceremony when all employees are gathered. They are also given a complimentary breakfast buffet, care of the General Manager’s office.

Among those commended was NAIA Terminal 1 pushcart retriever Porferio Lavado, who returned cash amounting to Php 120,000 early last month.

Also commended was janitor, Joal Paul Mortel, who turned over a left behind wallet containing cash, various IDs/credit cards and other personal items which he found at the Bus gate area of NAIA Terminal 3 last May.

In the same month, airport police Leonard Cabigas was also lauded by a passenger for being instrumental in the retrieval of the lost bag at NAIA Terminal 3.

MIAA general manager Jose Angel Honrado, in his speech, likened the honest workers to that of a mirror.

He said that their good qualities “reflect the ideal service-orientedness” which the airport strives for.

“Every morning we look at the mirror just to check if we still look as good as yesterday,” Honrado said

“Honest employees are constant reminders that the culture of service and excellence at the airport lives on,” he added.

He, meanwhile, encouraged the airport personnel to serve as an inspiration for others to follow in their footsteps. (PNA)