Drug test eyed for Ivler’s ma

PHILIPPINE NEWS SERVICE — NEVER-ending woes for a mother.

The National Bureau of Investigation will subject the mother of road-rage suspect Jason Ivler to a drug test to find out if she is a drug user.

NBI agents who stormed Ivler’s Blue Ridge residence Monday found marijuana-like leaves inside the house but laboratory examination of the leaves concluded that it was not “weed.”

“Initial test showed it is negative (of marijuana). But there will be confirmatory tests to be conducted to make sure it is not indeed marijuana. So for now, no official result yet,” head agent Roland Argabioso, chief of Field Operations Division, said.

Aguilar was detained at the NBI jail after she was charged with obstruction of justice at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office Monday night.

She was accused of trying to prevent law enforcers from arresting her fugitive son.

She posted a bail bond of P12,000 for her temporary liberty.

“I have not slept. I have not eaten. I am traumatized. My son is still fighting for his life. Whatever Jason did and if Jason dies, I would say this with all humility that I love him very much with all my heart and soul,” said Aguilar in between sobs. She and his lawyer wore black when interviewed by mediamen.

Meanwhile, the NBI is now readying at least three more charges against Ivler.

These charges are direct assault, frustrated murder and attempted murder.

Charges of illegal possession of firearms and direct assault may likewise be filed against him. He yielded an M-16 rifle, .45 caliber pistol, and pieces of armor-piercing bullets which are regulated, when he was nabbed.

“If these are not licensed, additional charges of illegal possession of firearms would be filed against him,” Angelito Magno, chief of NBI–Special Action Unit, said.

Ivler was still in “stable but guarded” condition at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit where he is being monitored round-the-clock after undergoing a three-hour operation from a bullet that hit him in the upper abdomen.