‘Entreps Xposed: Finding the Real Filipino Entrepreneurs’


Robert Seña and Isay Alvarez-Seña will be leading the lineup of featured entrepreneurs at the Center for Small Entrepreneurs’ (CSE) 3rd Annual Trade Fair on January 29-31, 2010 at the SM Megamall’s Megatrade Exhibit Hall 2 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The event, dubbed “Entreps Exposed: Finding the Real Filipino Entrepreneurs,” probes the early origins of the country’s earliest business ventures in an attempt to define the Filipino entrepreneur’s unique socio-cultural identity. Spurred by the belief that one step backward can lead to ten steps forward, the CSE is optimistic about history’s integral role in providing the missing link and attaining a more holistic perspective in today’s technology-driven business milieu.

Originally scheduled last November 20-22, the trade fair was rescheduled for the end of this month to give ample time for small businesses to recoup the losses they incurred during last year’s typhoons. The CSE also feels more optimistic about bigger and brighter prospects as they mount the very first trade fair for the year.

Heeding the timely call for unity and cooperation, CSE Executive Director Jennifer Reyes reiterates, “History has taught us that the Filipino’s indomitable spirit, resilience and creativity have always enabled us to triumph over adversity. With the widespread damage wrought by the recent typhoons, it’s time to harness that strength as we start rebuilding anew and take small steps towards self-empowerment.”

Thankfully, people from all walks of life are heeding the call of entrepreneurship – even in showbiz. Robert and Isay have been successfully running their own performing arts school, Spotlight Artists Centre for the past two years. “Our mission really is to heed the call of the artist in all of us,” Isay shares. “Do what you love doing, and everything will follow. The strength of the business just goes to show how many of us want to nurture their artistic dreams, and believe me, from the potentially world-class talents that we’ve been seeing, I can say that we Filipinos are truly a talented bunch.”

Robert adds, “From a business perspective, entrepreneurship inspires you to find your own creative niche, which is the essential blueprint of most great business ventures. That’s the main reason why we are very enthusiastic and supportive of the CSE’s endeavors, like this trade fair. “Start small, dream big.”

Among the highlights of the three-day fest are livelihood skills demos and informative discussions facilitated by respected academicians and successful entrepreneurs. In the likes of the keynote speaker Mr. Cecilio Pedro, President and CEO of Lamoiyan Corporation (Hapee Toothpaste). More than 100 locally-made products will be exhibited in the various booths, which are open to all types of micro-businesses. Interested entrepreneurs can still avail of exhibitors booths and be one of the many budding and growing micro entrepreneurs who will showcase their products.

Established in 1996, the CSE attained its NGO status on January 31, 1997. Propelled by the belief that micro entrepreneurs have the capability to become potent forces in the task of nation-building, the Asian Social Institute and the Association for Technical Cooperation, a Belgian NGO, founded CSE to serve as a service centre for budding, vision-driven and growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

Interested parties who would like to exhibit their products or simply join the “ENTREPS EXPOSED” trade fair may call CSE’s Marketing Unit at 524-1879 or 0919-3755850 and look for Ms. Leng Baluyot. For details you may also log on to: www.csentrepinoy.org.ph.