Face music, Lacson urged


Malacanang again urged Sen. Panfilo Lacson after the senator claimed that the filing of charges against him in connection with the Dacer-Corbito murder case was politically-motivated.

The Palace said the filing of charges against Lacson is just part of the judicial process. “We should not ascribe any political motive. That would be considered squid tactic,” Remonde said.

“He should face the case squarely as the people he has accused face his accusations,” he added.

Lacson was charged with two counts of murder in connection over the killing of public relations man Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito on Nov. 24, 2000. Former Senior Supt. Cezar Mancao II had pointed to Lacson as the mastermind of the twin murders.

Lacson’s camp said the charge was in retaliation for his exposes against President Macapagal-Arroyo and her administration.


The Confederation of Government Employees Organizations yesterday described as ridiculous and pathetic claims by filo Lacson that he had been charged with the Dacer-Corbito murders because of his exposes on alleged corruption against the government.

COGEO chairman lawyer Jesus Santos said it would be senseless and a waste of time and resources to go after Lacson since the Administration has nothing to gain from such a move.

Santos said Lacson has indeed made numerous accusations of wrongdoing versus the Administration.

“But the senator never managed to prove any of these purported exposes, not even one. He never presented even a single, undisputable proof of his claims,” Santos said.

COGEO president Flor Ibanez said all that Lacson had as proof in his so called exposes were his words.

“Let us remember that in the World Bank road projects controversy, Mr. Lacson hurriedly left just minutes before he was about to be confronted by people he had linked to the issue,” Ibanez said.

Santos and Ibanez said the only thing that Lacson has proven is he is a publicity seeker.

“For a bomb, Sen. Lacson is a dud. He professed to be a treasure trove of secret but turned out to be an empty one. There is no sane reason for the Government to go after him. He is a nuisance, not a threat.” Santos and Ibanez stressed.

The COGEO honchos urged Lacson to be professional enough by sticking to the Dacer-Corbito case. “Stop beating around the bush, and the publicity stunts, Senator.”