Who run for Congress?

Until a new breed of political players replace the old ones in Congress (either Senate or House), little hope is expected for a cure to a horrible virus that has begun to infect mainstream bureaucracy. Patronage politics is that kind of mindset, while ancient and colonial, which must now give way to a more liberating intellectual culture where all men, at least believe themselves, to be equal with every other man.

Tell-tale signs indicate clearly enough of a sad state of affairs in the works. GMA runs for a congressional seat as a backdoor approach to re-consolidate her allies, re-strengthen her hold to power, and re-configure the Constitution itself to promote the even greater dangers of chronic patronage, authoritarian rule, and increased centralization of power. When members of Congress merely become bound by instruction than by conscience, it is not far removed that future laws, policies and executive orders pre-ordain an imminent doomsday in our collective existence.

This has become the time for good men to do something than do nothing. There will be those who must stand to the call of these hard times before greed, caprice, and force take reigns. No less than a sea change is needed and every citizen of this country must exercise the sacred right to put men into office who are aboveboard, beyond rebuke and reproach. Society writ large must heal and the healing process can only begin with more informed people choosing the most deserving leaders into office since – “public office is a public trust.” The old notion of a ‘king’s largesse’ ought to be a hairbrained approach to political ascendancy. Accountability is the new rule of the game.

We only have one day to save this country where over 90 million people live. And no less than the First District of Antipolo City that includes Barangays Bagong Nayon, Beverly Hills, Dela Paz, Mambugan, Mayamot, Muntidilao, San Isidro and Sta. Cruz and the people and inhabitants that constitute them deserve the most efficient and most effective delivery of public goods and services. All these have been found wanting that it necessitates that voters now take a more circumspect view of what are going on with their lives, their stakes, and their future. It merits that every inhabitant now gets truly involved in our affairs.

The sovereign will of the voters is not for sale. This cannot be traded for a few peso bills. Sovereignty should be held sacred in the individual exercise of the right of suffrage. Whom they elect in Congress must represent their sentiments and aspirations and as their voice in the hallowed halls of that august Lower Chamber, the would-be congressman ought to have all the qualifications for a tough job.

Who should go to Congress? It must be one who has a good grasp of the work of a legislator or lawmaker. He must be one who would stand his ground to fight for his principles and convictions. He must have a heart in helping the poor and less-privileged and to fight every form of social injustices whenever it presents itself. He should have a clear platform of government that would predict outcomes. He must not be one vulnerable to the ‘color of money’, the spoils of office, nor must he be beholden to the powers- that-be.

Most congressmen reduce themselves as mere ‘push-overs’ in end-game scenarios being pulled out by whoever sits in Malacanang. They promote a House of Representatives that becomes a mere rubber stamp of the status quo. So much wars have to fought, more societal concerns have to be addressed, and larger crises are in the offing that require brakes to be applied. There just might be one day more left to save this country from its impending bane. The next three years will decide where the next political and moral trajectory of public administration and governance will go.

Let us neither be damned nor doomed.

If I were a congressman, I will simply implement a well-thought out platform of government that may have to see beyond the 3-year term. Projects as well as programs should be fully utilized to serve the greater good of the greater number. Public accountability in the utilization of resources should take highest precedence so that every peso that taxpayers contribute to the government goes back to them in terms of subsidies, social dividends and other safety nets.

In sum, running in a one-plank platform of public accountability will spell the difference in our would-be accomplishments if given the mandate by our people to lead that I appeal to all well-meaning residents and inhabitants of Antipolo City to contribute their own share toward this end. So who run for Congress? God willing, I do. Let us all prove equal to the task.

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