System32 Directory Disappeared in Windows XP

System32 is a Windows system directory that is located under C:WindowsSystem32. The folder contains various critical system files that Windows requires to boot and run. For this reason alone, you see many Windows system error messages specifying System32 folder. The System32 directory is not itself the root of Windows issues until it is corrupt or missing. But if this occurs, it generally leads to data inaccessibility and an unbootable system. Thus, to regain the lost data, you need to either apply your last backup or recover it through a windows Data Recovery Software .

For instance, suppose you use a Windows XP-based computer that runs in dual-boot configuration with Windows 2000. You try to boot Windows XP, but fails with a boot time error. You try to access the System32 folder in Windows Explorer by booting into Windows 2000. This too fails with an error as below:

“directory missing or corrupt”

The next time, when you try to view Sytem32 folder, the folder is not visible.


System32 directory is corrupt.


To solve this problem, you need to repair Windows XP installation as follows:

Insert the Windows XP installation CD and boot the computer from it. To do so, you may need to change the boot order in BIOS
At ‘Welcome To Setup’ screen, press Enter to start the Windows setup
Click to accept the License Agreement that will search for all Windows installations
Select the affected Windows XP installation
Press R to initiate the repair process. It will replace the required files and folders

At times, the Setup cannot detect the Windows XP partition because of high damage or it may fail to repair the installation. If you come to this situation, the option is to reformat the drive and restore from backup. However, it is highly recommended to use a powerful Partition Recovery software if you find backup as unavailable or invalid, prior performing drive formatting.

Windows Data Recovery tools enable you to perform complete data recovery of lost or missing disk partitions and data. The safe and easy-to-install products come with a graphically rich interface.

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