MMDA inaugurates 2 newly repair pumping stations in Binondo and Quiapo, Manila

MANILA, July 15 (PNA) — The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Wednesday inaugurated the two newly repaired pumping stations in Binondo and Quiapo in Manila to alleviate the flooding in the metropolis, especially during the rainy season.

Emma Quiambao, MMDA flood control head, said the two pumping stations were established in 1970 and in operation for more than 40 years which used to consume diesel in order to operate but are now powered by electric-powered pumps worth PHP20 million.

Quiambao said the rehabilitation started last year but only finished four months ago since they have converted the pumps from diesel to electric power.

She added the two pumping stations cover España, Malacañang, Chinatown, and Sampaloc areas.

According to Quiambao, the pumps will transfer waters from the creek to Pasig River, Manila Bay, and Laguna de Bay.

She also said the pumping stations have computers and trash rakes that will haul garbage from the creeks.

Aside from the two, the MMDA also rehabilitated 12 pumping stations in Libertad and Tripa de Galina in Pasay; Quiapo, Binondo, Aviles, Valencia, Paco, Sta. Clara, Balate, Arroceros, and Pandacan in Manila; and Makati last year.

To date, MMDA has 54 water pumping stations and these pumping stations were designed to pump between 80 millimeters and 90 mm of water per hour, and could no longer withstand huge amount of rainfall.

Earlier, MMDA asst. general manager for operations Emerson Carlos acknowledged the importance of pumping stations in mitigating flooding.

“Metro Manila will be engulfed by flood water if there is no pumping stations,” Carlos said.

Despite the newly rehabilitated pumping stations, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino asked to instill discipline among the residents of Metro Manila

Tolentino likewise cautioned residents regarding proper disposing of trash as these may clog drainage systems.

He said the MMDA continues to declog drainage systems in preparation for the onslaught of typhoons and the rainy season under the agency’s program Estero Blitz.

Under the Estero Blitz program, the MMDA declogs and dredges esteros, creeks and drainages in flood-prone areas in Metro Manila to prevent flooding during the rainy season. It also aims to eradicate mosquito-breeding grounds in these areas. (PNA)