PRC on standby for typhoon ‘Falcon”

MANILA, July 9 (PNA) — The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) said on Thursday is has prepositioned necessary equipment and vehicles in different warehouses and logistics centers nationwide to ensure prompt dispatch in the wake of typhoon “Falcon.”

“We see to it that they are well-maintained and running properly,” said PRC Chairman Richard Gordon, adding that the fleet includes ambulances, rescue boats, fire trucks, forklifts, pay loaders, amphibians, rescue trucks, military trucks, military Humvees, rescue vehicles, service vehicles, water tankers, and mobile kitchens.

He also said that trained volunteers on first aid and basic life support, water search and rescue, disaster management are ready for deployment.

The PRC chief they are also prepared to provide pychosocial counseling, support and tracing/restoring family links, camp management, relief, assessment and reporting, and management of emergency field hospitals.

He also reminded those staying in low-lying areas to heed evacuation orders imposed by the authorities in order to mitigate the impacts of any calamity. (PNA)