(Feature) Basic computer use unfolds to young Tacloban cyber game lovers

TACLOBAN CITY, June 30 (PNA) – For some students in this city, it took them years to discover that computer is more than a game.

Froy Gabrielle Payao, 12 from the city’s Bagacay village now knows how to encode data in a computer and learn online research after he completed computer class at the Liceo Del Verbo Divino (LVD) last summer.

ASUS Foundation has donated 20 computer units to LVD, which enable the private school to conduct computer classes to brighten people’s future in the field of computer technology.

Froy joined the computer class because he believed that it will be an advantage for him in making school assignments and projects. He learned the parts of the computer and the use of Microsoft Word and Power points.

Another student Marlon T. Oquina, 15, from the city’s Anibong district never knew how to use Microsoft Office until he attended the computer class.

“My family could not afford to buy my own computer and there was no computer subject taught in our schools,” Marlon said.

He shared that it is important for those who are computer illiterate to grab every opportunity to learn how to use the computer specially Microsoft office because this skill could be their stepping stone to become successful.

Jefferson Tambuson, 13, from the city’s Calvary Hill is now more confident to use computer outside the cyber game zone and social networking.

“I’ve learned computer games and Facebook, but I only learned to use Microsoft Words when I joined the computer class,” shared the boy, who is a son of small market trader.

Marlon joined the computer class to catch up with what is new. “It was a big help for me attending the computer training since nowadays the use of powerpoint presentation has been trending.”

Fr. Dennis Castado, LVD school director said it is a privilege to open their doors to less fortunate learners by hosting a laboratory with computers donated by Asus Foundation.

“The free training has benefitted about 200 learners from public schools this year. We are happy to see discovering the basic uses of computers,” said the official, who heads the private Roman Catholic school.

The ASUS foundation through the help of APEC Digital Center (ADOC) opened an e-learning center for Tacloban residents, who are interested to learn computer programs for livelihood.

The aim is to increase computer literacy so that many people can have job and educational opportunities. (PNA)