(Feature) Addressing nutritional needs through Science

By Ma. Cristina C. Arayata

MANILA, June 30 (PNA) — Malnutrition, especially among children, is among the problems the country is currently facing.

Lack on proteins and energy in foods is also a contributing factor. So what could the government do to address the problem? Through the Food Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), the government uses Science to address not just nutritional concerns but other health needs, too.

For instance, to help address micronutrient deficiency, the FNRI developed Brown Rice Power Bar. You may have noticed that lots of power bars were made available in the market recently. FNRI’s product, definitely, is healthier.

While consumers would enjoy the bar’s sweet caramel taste and its rich, soft, chewy texture, there’s nothing to worry. Each bar is rich in dietary fibers, phytic acids, vitamins B1, B3 and B6.

As the FNRI advocates brown rice, it also developed the Optimized Brown Rice, which has a larger shelf life.

There’s also what the FNRI calls Fortified Rice, which was developed to address iron deficiency problem in the Philippines.

Of course, the government doesn’t forget the babies. The FNRI has developed RIMO (rice + mongo) Instant Baby Food. It is easy to prepare, budget-friendly, and most of all, has all-natural ingredients. This product is good for babies 6 months and up to 3 years old.

Another product is the RIMO Curls Snack Food. Guys, don’t be jealous of your kids; the FNRI said this snack is also good for adults. RIMO Curls was made from a blend of rice flour and mongo flour.

Momsie, meanwhile, is also for babies 6 months and up to 3 years old. It is a ready-to-eat complementary food which is high in energy and protein, plus it has vitamins and minerals.

Wait, there’s more. MGM is also available. This isn’t where you usually watch Pacman during his boxing fights, but a Micronutrient Growth Mix (MGM)– a supplement for children.

All these products are included in every package the Department of Social Welfare and Development distributes during disasters. (PNA)