Tips to Solve ‘Drive is not accessible. Access is denied’ Error

Hard disk partitioning is the practice of splitting the storage space into individual data areas, termed as partitions. The way access permission is implemented on these partitions is totally dependent on the type of file system installed. However, you cannot access a partition if you don’t have suitable rights to do it. A disk partition with no read/write permission will give an error, whenever you will try to access it. But if you receive this error even when the privileges are correct, the root cause could be its corruption. At this point, you should recreate the partition provided you have a complete backup. Sometimes, when the backup proves unproductive to restore, this results into unavoidable situations of using a Partition Recovery Software.

For example, in a Windows 7-based computer system, you might come across the below error message when trying to access a disk partition:

“ is not accessible. Access is denied.”

Where, represents the name of partition, you are trying to access. The partition doesn’t open whenever you click this partition.


You may encounter the above error in the following possible situations:

You do not have sufficient permissions to access the drive
The drive is corrupted and thus, cannot be opened


To solve the given problem, you can take these steps:

You need to gain correct privileges to access the drive. For this, you should first run the system as an administrator and access the elevated command prompt to run the below command:

takeown /f /R /D Y

You should replace the with the target drive name.

If you still cannot access the partition, it might be corrupted. You need to delete it and create it again. To regain the lost data, you should use your last backup.

In case, when no valid backup is available, you should opt for using a Partition Recovery utility. However, you are suggested to use them directly for corrupted partition. Partition Recovery Software are safe products built with high-end technology to recover and restore deleted, corrupted or damaged partitions.

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