Do you see BF in the political radar screen?

The average observer could easily identify BF if the presidentiables were colored chips thrown in mid-air. The pink chip probably will have higher selling value than the rest given certain consumer preference – BF is a known product in the market, advertisement-wise.

As the first to signify intention to run for the presidency in the ruling political party, BF used to be in Malacanang’s radar screen along with the Johnny-come-lately, Gibo, the much-vaunted bar topnotcher. As soon as the anointment came, BF has been pushed to the gutters by a party unpatronizing of him. But that has afforded him the last but probably best option to run on his own steam – a phenomenon not unique in Philippine politics.

The recent developments are a knowing situation. Mar is first to glide down and abandon his dream to be president after that (in)famous “—— ina, ano ba ito?” And by stroke of opportunism, Noynoy takes his place to the presidential bid.

Noli gave himself away when he displayed ‘tantrum’ or utter lack of tact in dealing with protesting squatters – a self-inflicting act that has made his viability to the presidency in a big question mark. While on top of the survey chart for a while, Noli succumbed to an irreversible fate – of losing grip.

Binay has to give way to Erap although his Makati scenario could rake votes than can be imagined. Erap just wants to run on a self-fulfilling prophecy of a clearer than crystal vindication from the historical forces that ruin him, as they will continue to.

Loren is sure to bat just for the vice-presidency if luck does not really come to her side. Perhaps, this puts Chiz on the same boat with Loren, worse comes to worst. More so because Noynoy is believed to have eclipsed Chiz in a well-timed ritual of spell-binding idiosyncratic beliefs played out so well on TV.

Villar is just Villar, a sort of playing ‘political autism’. He did not mind the C-5 double-insertion scam and with the help of scheming media handlers, must have played out well the issue to his own advantage.

Typhoons rather than ASG (Abu Sayyaf Group)-sponsored hostilities pushed Gibo into the limelight as the deceiving ‘man of the hour’ who communicates in public from the comforts of his air-conditioned office, prototypical of armchair bureaucrats. His presence is sorely lacking in magnetism or enigma.

BF’s TV ads seemed embargoed resulting from the non-anointment as the party’s flag bearer. In the meantime, some shadows and voices are being heard such as an Ebdane batting for the presidency. And it seems that one Genuino, while advocating something else, is trying to create a ripple in our political waters.
Dick is never less indicative of his aspiration although compared to Jamby, the latter is just on a silent mode. Erap is fast becoming a mere footnote in history and no signs indicate his probable second coming.

While in this orgy of manifest interest to grab the presidency, it is clear that every presidentiable is looking more where to get the money to run a smooth campaign. To run for the presidency, one needs at least P2 billion – a belief that agitates Villar to burn more money than anyone else can.

High dependency on what only two social weather stations or polling circuits have to say or indicate in the popularity chart has become an overfixation for the top-rating names and underfixation for the low-rating counterparts. But surveys as they come from these possibly “push-polling circuits” are deemed merely self-serving. The poverty of their (surveys) historicism is well documented. Those on the top of the surveys do not win.

Perhaps, surveys are just another political radar screen. Problem is, commissioned as they are by the wannabes themselves, it seems like one orders and the menu is prepared accordingly – according to wish.
BF, come to think of it, plays in our subliminal consciousness. If we go by lights and sounds, even BF occupies a niche in the showbiz world as having been grand champion in the famous “Celebrity Duets” trying every inch of the way to reach the much-aimed at “stardom”. At this time, most presidentiables are probably counting how much they would be taxed by an interventionist government run by crooks.