Damaged /etc/mtab and /etc/fstab Cause Data Loss in Linux

Linux file system is made up of several components and /etc/mtab and /etc/fstab are most important among them. For proper functioning of your file system and computer system, these data structures must be intact and in working state. Any damage to file system components may make it unusable and cause critical data loss situations. In order to retrieve lost data in such situations, you need to opt for Linux Data Recovery using appropriate solutions.

The /etc/fstab (short form of file system table) is a significant directory of Linux operating system. This is a part of system configuration and it shows all of the available system hard disk, disk volumes and displays how they need to be integrated or initialized in Linux file system. It contains detailed description of various file systems and is generally read by the ‘fsck’ and ‘mount’ commands. Mount command determines the alternatives, which should be used when you mount any drive.

The /etc/mtab (contraction of mounted file systems table) is a Linux directory that lists all the mounted file systems on Linux system. Usually, this is in a predefined format and automatically modified when the mount command is executed to identify the current file system and how it is mounted (whether automatically or manually).

In case when these directories gets damaged, you might not access your data and need Data Recovery Linux to get your lost data back. At the time of corruption, you might encounter the below error message:

“Cannot read table of mounted file systems”

This error message cause critical situations of file and directory inaccessibility in Linux system.

Root of the problem

You might come across this behavior of Linux because of corruption to /etc/mtab or /etc/fstab directories. Due to corruption to these data structures, Linux file system can not be mounted and thus the hard drive volumes become inaccessible.

In all such cases, Linux Data Recovery come for your help. Recovery is best possible using powerful and advanced third-party Linux Recovery software. They employ advanced and effective scanning mechanisms to thoroughly scan the damaged hard drive and extract all of the lost data from it.

The tools have interactive and simple graphical user interface. Thus they do not require sound and prior technical skills to perform recovery. With read-only and non-destructive behavior, the applications are safe to use and do not change original data.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is the most excellent solution for most of the data loss situations. It works well with all Linux file systems including Ext4, Ext3, Ext2 and ReiserFS. The software is compatible with all major distributions of Linux operating system including SUSE, Kubuntu, Red Hat and Debian.