File System Corruption Cause Disk Space Problems on NTFS Partition

The NTFS (New Technology File System) supports several file and volume-level feature, which might cause the hard drive space to be either reported as lost or misreported. You might come across this behavior of NTFS file system if the volume suddenly becomes very full and you could not access files and folder from it. This behavior renders all of your hard drive partitions inaccessible and you come across critical partition loss situations. In such circumstances, you need to opt for Partition Recovery to gain access of your Windows partitions.

This behavior can occur when you gain unauthorized or malicious access to the NTFS volume on which either high quantity of small files or a very large file is secretly copied and then deletes or restricts the NTFS permissions on the files. The problem might also take place after a power outage and system malfunction, which causes volume corruption.

The hard drive space allocation of the NTFS file system partition could be misreported if any of the below conditions is true:

The size of cluster of NTFS partition is so large for average-sized files, which are being stored.

The file attributes or NTFS file system permissions prevent files from being either accessed or displayed when you use Windows command prompt or Windows Explorer.

Path of the folder is more than 255 characters.

Files or folders have reserved or invalid file names.

NTFS meta files (like MFT or Master File Table) have grown and could not be unallocated.

Corruption to the NTFS file system causes Microsoft Windows to report free disk space as being allocated.

Other NTFS file system features result into file-allocated confusion.

Corruption to the hard drive meta data structure or the file system cause serious problems of partition loss as all these resources are used by Windows operating system to access hard drive partitions and data. In all such cases, Windows Partition Recovery is required to retrieve lost hard drive partitions.

Recovery is potential through advanced and powerful third party Partition Recovery applications. The tools are known as Partition Recovery Software. They are capable of methodically scanning the Windows hard drive and retrieve all of the lost, missing or inaccessible partition and stored data.

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