Resolving ‘The HFS wrapper partition is damaged’ Error in Mac OS X

HFS Wrapper is a popular and reliable Mac OS X file system. The HFS+ volume could be made to contain within the HFS file system volume in a way that make it look like the HFS volume and not the HFS+ volume to your system. The HFS Wrapper file system proves beneficial in computers, which does not support HFS+ file system volumes. The HFS Wrapper file system volumes are also intended to help you through a Read Me file, known as ‘Where_have_all_my_files_gone?’, which explains what you need in a Mac OS X version to use this file system. In some situations, the HFS Wrapper file system volumes may come across corruption and all of your critical data become inaccessible. In such critical situations, Mac Data Recovery is required to retrieve lost, missing or inaccessible data.

In a practical scenario, when you run the Disk First Aid utility to make sure that your HFS Wrapper volume is working fine, you encounter below error message:

“The HFS wrapper partition is damaged. You should make backup copies of your files, erase the volume, and restore”

The error message states that your HFS Wrapper volume is damaged. At this point, the HFS Wrapper isn’t an isolated partition. In fact HFS+ and HFS Wrapper volume lie in same partition. The Disk First Aid tool verifies and repairs minor issues with the directory structure of Mac OS X file system. This tool is a part of Disk Utility.

There are two major reasons due to which the HFS Wrapper volume may get damaged and require Data Recovery Mac for data retrieval:

Power failure, while any important process was going on the drive.

Improper power outage after system crash due to incompatible application.


You can try following things:

You need to first attempt Disk First Aid on your drive to detect and possibly repair corruption.

If the problem remains unsolved, backup all critical files and erase damaged volume.

If none of the above methods work, you need to go for Mac Recovery Software for quick, safe and absolute recovery. The applications work in most of the data loss situations. Mac Data Recovery tools have self-descriptive and interactive user interface to provide ease of use.

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