Partition Recovery Methods From Non-responsive Windows XP Computer

In some situations, where you attempt to start your Microsoft Windows XP computer, it stops responding. Sometimes it gives you some STOP error messages or simply shows a black or blue screen that does not allow you to log into your system. This behavior of Windows computer renders all of your mission-critical and valuable data inaccessible from hard drive partitions, causing complete partition loss and data loss. At this point, it becomes essential to carry out Windows Partition Recovery to recover lost partitions and stored data.

In order to handle such situations, there are some general troubleshooting steps that can help you. The common methods are as given below:

Start your system in safe mode: This is a method of booting your Windows computer to run the diagnostic and administrative tasks on current installation. When you boot the system in safe mode, it only loads minimum software that are required for operating system to function. You can start your system in safe mode by pressing F8 key during boot time.

Use Windows Device Manager to consider if the issue is related to device driver: You could use the Device Manager to check and modify the software-configurable devices. If the hardware devices are using dip switches or jumper pins, you need to configure the devices manually.

Use System Restore utility for restoring operation of Microsoft Windows XP: Microsoft Windows XP includes the System Restore tool that helps you to return your system to previous working state. The utility takes “snapshots” and create restore points of important system files and program files when you make major changes on system. The restore points can be used to return XP to previous working state. This is a good option for Partition Recovery.

If any of the above methods work, you need to format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. It removes all of your hard drive partition and cause complete partition loss. In such critical situations, Partition Recovery Software come for your rescue.

The Windows Partition Recovery applications are capable of methodically scanning whole hard drive and retrieving all of the lost partitions and data. They are completely easy to use as they have simple and self-descriptive user interface. With read-only and non-destructive conduct, they are completely safe to use.

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