Issues Creating Backup due to FTDisk Sets in Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 supports improved LDM code. It outperforms several I/O features of earlier Windows versions. But due to these changes, the backward compatibility with Windows NT fault-tolerant disk has been removed. Windows Server 2003 no longer supports FTDisks. So, if you upgrade to Windows Server 2003, it is suggested to break the mirror of FTDisk sets before upgrading. Avoiding this might compel you to delete them after upgrade. In such cases, if a valid and complete backup is not available, you might run into data loss issues. To resolve them, you should use a powerful Windows Partition Recovery solution to locate and restore them.

To illustrate, consider you use a Windows Server 2003 based computer system. You attempt to perform full system backup using NTBackup.exe tool for ASR (Automated System Recovery), but fail to do so as you receive the below error message:

“The files for the recovery diskette could not be created. The operation was aborted.”

You cannot create the backup after you receive this error.


The prime reason for this error to occur while creating backup is that computer contains legacy FTDisk sets of Windows NT 4.0.


To solve the issue, described above, you should follow the below sequence of steps:

Install Windows Support tools from Windows installation media located in Support/Tools folder
Use file to extract Ftonline tool
Use Ftonline tool to gain access to the fault-tolerant volume through command prompt as:

ftonline drive_letter
Backup the data from FTDisk sets
Delete the FTDisk sets
Recreate the volumes as dynamic volume
Restore data from the backup

In any case of backup issues, you are suggested to use Windows Data Recovery products. These are suitable applications, built exclusively to regain lost data from Windows based disks.
Windows Partition Recovery utilities employ powerful scanning algorithms that prove effective to recover lost, formatted, damaged and corrupted partitions. Built with graphically rich user interface, these tools are quite easy to use and implement. Such software provide you additional features to restore the data at a safe location.

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