Error Installing Windows Vista on a Specific Disk Partition

In addition to partition table and bootstrap code, the MBR also contains a 32-bit value disk signature that uniquely identifies the disk medium. This is further followed by a 64-bit integer value structure, used to locate the byte offset location of the partition. If the hard disk contains many partitions and they mark the same byte offset location, you might encounter issues when running Windows Setup. To solve this, you will need to repartition the drive and restore data from backup. You can use Partition Recovery Software while any issues with backup.

For instance, you attempt to install Windows Vista on a hard disk partition. You select the target partition on Where do you want to install Windows? page displaying disk configuration and click Next. After you do so, you come across an error message, as below:

“Error: uncaught exception: (failed UI_ASSERT)”

Windows installation cannot continue and the process halts.


The above error occurs due to any of the following reasons:

The mass storage device driver is not working correctly or is corrupted
Hard disk contains multiple partition table entries, all pointing to the same byte offset location


Following solutions can help you recovering from the given problem:

Remove and install the mass storgage device drivers for your disk. Make sure you install them with the latest updates. Run the Setup to try installing Windows Vista
Delete all the hard disk partitions and install Windows Vista. To do so, follow these steps:

Start your computer using Windows Vista installation DVD
Click Next and then Install Now at installation screen
Open the command prompt and run diskpart command
Execute select disk number command, where number refers to the target hard disk
Type clean and exit the tool and the command prompt after you receive the success message
Restart the computer and continue with the Windows installation
Restore the deleted data from backup

In case, you cannot restore from the backup, you need a powerful solution for Partition Recovery. These recovery tools are available to examine, locate and restore lost Windows partitions using advanced technology. Partition Recovery Software prove highly effective and easy-to-use applications because of their interactive design.

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