What Is A Crochet Wedding Dress?

To order a crochet wedding dress, you have to understand that the wedding dress must be ordered well in advance of the wedding because adequate time must be given for the dress to be finished by the wedding date. The length of time that it takes to make your dress will depend on how many workers will be creating your dress.

Pre-Order Dresses Well In Advance Of Wedding

You may also order dresses that are already made such as an antique crochet wedding dress or through outlets that offer pre-made crochet wedding dresses. It is this handcrafted aspect of this wedding dress that adds much value to it as a family heirloom. Many crochet wedding dresses are passed through the family and are prized possessions.


You can accessorize your crochet wedding dress with a crocheted headpiece with a crocheted veil, which should be created from lightweight thread to avoid a veil that is too heavy. Organza or tulles also look nice for veils that have been worked with crochet around the edges. You can accessorize in the style that were originally worn with the antique Irish crochet wedding dress or you can accessorize your dress with whatever suits your personal style and the design of the dress.

If you do not plan to wear a veil, why not wear roses or other flowers in your hair. Instead of natural flowers, you could wear crocheted, crystal or pearl flowers shaped accessories in your hair. Although, crocheted fabrics can be very dainty despite being hand worked, the fabric still has a bit of bulk that must be matched with the accessories you choose to match your wedding dress.

Dress Styles

Your crochet wedding dress can be in any style that you want for a wedding dress provided that if you want to have a full skirt, your under skirting will have to be stiff enough to hold the crochet fabric out. Wedding crochet dresses were at the top of their game when Irish crocheting skills were in demand during the late 1800s. A few specimens of the antique Irish crocheted wedding dresses that were made during that time still exist and can be viewed in some museums.

Your choice of a crochet wedding dress is a choice of great traditions and new styling. The great thing about crocheted dresses is that you can create a dress that can fit you perfectly and can be customized down to the tiniest detail.

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