Improper Use of System Configuration Tool Cause Partition Loss in Windows

The System Configuration tool in Microsoft Windows automates the routine steps, which Microsoft Customer Support Services professionals use while diagnosing system configuration problems. While using this tool for changing system configuration, you could select check boxes for eliminating problems that don’t apply to your configuration.

But in some situations, using System Configuration utility incorrectly might damage the partition table or even hard drive partitions. This behavior results into serious partition loss issues and require Partition Recovery to retrieve lost partitions and stored data.

With the help of System Configuration tool, you could easily reset or modify configuration settings in Microsoft Windows to include the preferences for below settings and files:

Win.ini file

System.ini file

International settings

Environment settings

Programs which load during startup process

There are two general ways to troubleshoot the system configuration issues using System Configuration tools. These are as given below:

Diagnostic and Selection Startup method:

It enables Microsoft Windows to determine the general device drivers and applications to load while starting Windows. If you use this procedure, system would temporarily disable Microsoft Services like Error Reporting, Even Logging, Plug and Play and Networking. Furthermore, it also deletes all the restore points from System Restore tool. Follow underwritten steps to diagnostic startup:

Click Start, Run and type msconfig and click OK button.

On General tab, click the Diagnostic Startup and click OK button.

Restart your system.

If the issue doesn’t take place, use the Selective startup mode for attempting to search the issue by turning individual services and the startup program on or off.

System Restore:

You could use System Configuration tool for carrying out the system restore. There are possibly three restore points:

Systems checkpoints scheduled by Windows.

Manual restore points, which you specify using the System Configuration tool.

Installation restore points, which occur before installing a service or a software.

But in case the above methods fail and incorrect editing affect the partition table or partition structure, Windows Partition Recovery is required. It is best possible using third party Partition Recovery Software.

The applications use high-end scanning mechanisms to thoroughly scan the affected drive and retrieve all of the lost partitions. With interactive and simple graphical user interface, the tools Recovery Partition without demanding sound technical skills.

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