Snow Leopard Installer Reports that Disk cannot be used to start up your c

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is the latest release of Mac OS X family of operating systems with major updates and advanced features over its previous members. The installation of Snow leopard requires partition table of disk to be in clean state. Snow Leopard installer will fail if it finds any issues with the table and give errors. To solve such problems, you should first try to examine the disk using Mac disk repair utilities or try to repartition it. If it fails, you will need to reformat the disk that causes data loss. After doing so, if in case, your last backup fails to restore, you should use an effective Mac Recovery Software.

For instance, consider that you try to install Snow Leopard and observe the following symptoms:

Snow Leopard installer fails to recognize boot drive and reports it invalid destination for Mac OS X

The drive is displayed with a yellow triangle on it

The installer reports that system is unable to boot from the drive when the drive is selected


The above symptoms are generally observed if Snow Leopard installer finds issues with disk partition table. In such situations, it presumes that booting from a corrupted drive will not be successful and hence, it doesn’t install Snow Leopard.


Following are the solutions that you can apply to solve the problem:

Check the disk sanity using Disk Utility

Boot the computer using Snow Leopard installation disk and launch Disk Utility from ‘Utilities’ menu. Use it to repartition the drive

If this doesn’t help, you require a clean install of Mac OS X provided you have a clean Time machine or a cloned data backup. Reformat the disk, install Mac OS X 10.6 and migrate data from the backup

In case your backup doesn’t prove valid or updated enough to restore lost data, you should immediately use a Mac Recovery utility to locate and restore the data. Mac Recovery Software are powerful tools built with advanced technology that safely recover all lost files, folders and even complete partitions from logically crashed Mac drives.

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