Aperture Fails to Restore from Vault

Aperture is a Mac OS X photography software. To add data protection to the application, Apple includes a feature called Vault that archives the image library. Using vault feature, you can create backups of your library on any external device and restore it, when required. On occasion, you cannot restore from a disk containing vaults. Your attempts of restoring from a vault stored on a volume might end with an error message, with no success.

It might occur if disk is logically corrupted. You need to repair such disk using Mac OS X disk repair utility. If this doesn’t work, you will need to reformat the disk and restore data from a healthy copy of data. You should use Mac Recovery Software if backup doesn’t succeed to restore the required files and folders.

Consider that you use Aperture to manage your digital photographs. You create a vault on a Mac OS X volume. When you try to restore from this valut, you might come across the below error message:

“Restore library operation failed”

You cannot restore the required library and the process aborts.


The above issue might occur if you try to restore vault from a volume that is corrupted due to some disk errors.


To solve the given issue, you need to use Disk Utility as follows:

To run the Disk Utility, quit the Aperture application

Next, you need to open Disk Utility, which is located in /Applications/Utilities folder

Select the target volume to be repaired

Click Verify Disk

Check the report thus generated for errors

If Disk Utility reports errors with the volume, click Repair Disk

After Disk Utility completes its task, you can then again try to use Aperture to restore the vault

If Disk Utility fails to repair the volume, reformat the volume and use your latest backup to restore. At times, backup fails. In such cases, you need to use a proficient Mac Data Recovery utility to extract the lost data. Mac Recovery Software are powerful tools to scan, recover and safely restore all lost files and folders using high-end scanning algorithms.

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