Hillary Clinton to announce 2016 campaign Sunday

WASHINGTON, April 10 (PNA/Xinhua) — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to make her official 2016 presidential campaign announcement on Sunday, local media reported Thursday.

The New York Daily News quoted sources close to the Clinton camp as saying that Clinton is likely to announce presidential run via video and social media as she launches her long-expected second shot at the White House.

The newspaper said Clinton will begin her campaign with several smaller events in early-voting states, including Iowa and New Hampshire.

After her defeat to Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton firmly said “no” when asked whether she would run for presidency again. However, her positions have evolved in the past years.

The Clinton camp has already signed a lease for a new office space in Brooklyn, New York, as her campaign headquarters.

So far, Clinton is expected to have an easy path to the Democratic nomination. Party support for potential Democratic candidates was predominately focused on Clinton with a rate of 62 percent, said a CNN/ORC poll in March, with the second top contender vice president Joe Biden standing at 15 percent.

Clinton was also found to beat all the major potential Republican rivals in a hypothetical general election in the same poll. (PNA/Xinhua)