Noynoy capitalizes on Cory magic

It challenges reflection why Noynoy overtook Manny Villar in the SWS survey conducted only last September 5 & 6 in so far as Luzon is concerned. Results show that Sen. Aquino got the nod of 50% of respondents while Sen. Villar only played second fiddle at 14%. This covers Manila, Pangasinan, Central Luzon and Calabarzon – a coverage that already represents 40% of registered voters.

It is interesting to note that the response reflects 10% of Classes A, B and C whereas 90% that of D and E classes. For Noynoy to grab 50% from NCR, 48% from Pangasinan, 49% from Region 3 and 51% from Region IV-A while Villar grabs 14%, 22%, 15%, and 12% respectively – this in itself – appears to have changed the entire voting mood in surveys. Why this?

Quite admittedly, Noynoy capitalized on the outpouring of support that the death of Cory has manifested that he felt it behooves upon him to continue her mother’s legacy of perceived good governance, true or not. That being the case, Noynoy’s instinct to run must have paid off since the support to Cory sort of extended to him – as the latest SWS survey on presidential preferences might mirror out.

One can say there are fast changing moods in so far as political preferences are concerned. What some have as voting preference in one specific point in time may not be the same in another depending on the developments that people see in the political landscape as weeks and months pass by. In other words, presidentiables have to play their cards very well.

Only Ping Lacson has been a casualty when the Mancao controversy popped out. Mar gave way to Noynoy to save the political party they both belong in. Ed Panlilio rode the current as well. Binay also gave way to Erap. Bro. Villanueva is also backing out. There could be a possible trend of final withdrawal from the mad presidential race and it bears watching who gets affected by this kind of domino effect. There could be the same political tug of war between Fernando and Teodoro in the Lakas-Kampi merger and one presumably receives the short end of the bargain.

The filing of candidacy nears. It is foolhardly for anyone to run for president if he or she were not serious enough to make the highest impact upon voting choices. A lot of factors come into play – surveys, TV ads, endorsers, senatorial slate, party support, historical events, et cetera.

These SWS survey results, in particular, only show that every presidentiable is potentially a winner or at least can have that winning streak depending on how well and good he can manipulate the medium since as McLuhan says time and again – “the medium is the message”. For instance, compared to Villar who has already spent aweful some of money for his TV ads – one that are in the hundreds of millions of pesos, Noynoy is yet to shell out his first few millions for an ad.

There is sufficient reason to believe that such upcoming TV ads can add stronger voting power in Noynoy’s favor especially so where Kris and her friends in the showbiz world can likewise attract their own adherents and following. Noynoy, appears to be in a position to have his scores in the popularity chart get multiplied significantly.

To my mind, if Noynoy can win as president, more so with a Kris. There results an evolving pattern where daughters or sons of former presidents become the new presidents in their own – in their generation. This is why perhaps, Imelda Marcos can even try to launch Bongbong and let us see how the chips fall in place. One never really knows in the end.