Noynoy has spoken?

Something turned up on September 3, 2009. A Mar Roxas held a press conference to officially announce that he is supporting instead the presidential ambition of a Noynoy Aquino. The most unforgettable punch line from Mar that so strongly resonated that historic if not ironic day amounts to this now famous line – “country above self”.

And the following day, September 4, 2009, Noynoy did hold a subsequent press conference ambivalent enough whether he has accepted or not accepted what Mar has just officially announced until after he has gone into a planned ‘spiritual retreat’ for much needed “discernment or divine guidance”. Surely, he did not fail to leave the public mind contemplating on what he said that day or battle cry to this effect – “change our society”.

Today, September 9, 2009, Noynoy has finally spoken. The speech is better heard over DZMM that morning and the ambivalence is no longer present. This time, Noynoy did say, as a culmination of a long-winded speech, the following as posted by UP n at FV, to quote: “Tinatanggap ko ang hiling ng sambayanan. Tinatanggap ko ang tagubilin ng aking mga magulang. Tinatanggap ko ang responsibilidad na ituloy ang laban para sa bayan. Tinatanggap ko ang hamon na mamuno sa laban na ito. Tatakbo po ako sa pagka-pangulo sa darating na halalan (I accept the voice of the people. I accept the advice of my parents. I accept the responsibility to continue the fight of the people. I accept the challenge to lead in this fight. I will run in the coming elections)

Of course, Noynoy went on the usual signature of a politician who wants to impress his audience replete with funny but otherwise witty laughable stories of people and voices he has so far heard about with regard to his plan to throw hat into the presidential ring. The usual class arrogance is never removed built on his own pervasive worldview that the Aquinos (both Cory and Noynoy) have played a role in the country’s history.

And the most enlightened articulation of this apparent myth has been best said by one columnist of note, Mr. Tony Abaya, who in his column discussed in length his own reservation for voting for a Noynoy Aquino. Incidentally, I receive a regular email from Mr. Abaya and it will not do justice not to read any of his well-thought out critiques.

Abaya did have at least seven (7), all in all, questions for Noynoy, the first four having been touched on his earlier column and then additionally in his subsequent column of September 7, 2009. In effect, there are the few questions asked:
1. will Noy mix pro and anti communists in the cabinet?
2. will Noy release 14 consultants of the National Democratic Front in military custody?
3. will Noy exempt Hacienda Luisita from land reform?
4. will Noy refrain from lifting a finger against the Arroyos?
5. will Noy refrain from investigating and prosecuting officials loyal to him?
6. will Noy dilly dally on the question of the Visiting Forces Agreement?
7. will Noy along with the Pink Sisters solve the looming power crisis?

In other words, Abaya has asked these questions in the context of what Cory did during her term of office as president, for good reasons, since Noynoy did not depart from such overtures as having to continue whatever fight it was that his mother as well as his father had fought for to bring democracy in this country back to where it is now.