(U.S. ASIAN WIRE) Victory for Mark Munoz Filipino Wrecking Machine UFC 102

Fighting Successfully as a Middleweight

PORTLAND, Ore.–(U.S. ASIAN WIRE)– MMA champ Mark Munoz “Filipino Wrecking Machine” defeated Nick Catone in a split decision giving him his first UFC victory last Saturday at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. UFC 102 was Munoz debut in the middleweight division, now fighting at 185 pounds his new weight class resulted in a successful outcome as he returned to the octagon.

In this three round bout the judges scored the fight 28-29 for Catone, second round 30-27 and third round 29-28 in favor of Mark Munoz.

“It was a battle and all the hard work I put into this fight was well worth it,” stated Munoz. “I felt comfortable competing at this weight and kept a very high pace throughout the fight. Middleweight is the division for me,” said Munoz.

UFC 102 salaries were disclosed Mark Munoz victory earned $24,000 ($12,000 to show, $12,000 to win) while Nick Catone earned $5,000.

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