Partition Loss due to Hard Drive Read Errors

Sometimes, when you try to access data from a Windows hard drive or attempt to store data on drive and install software on it, the hard drive could not be read. You come across disk read errors and thus the installation or accession fails. This behavior renders all of your hard drive partitions inaccessible and results into critical Windows partition loss situations. In these critical circumstances, you must go for Partition Recovery solutions to retrieve lost Windows hard drive partitions and stored data.

As a practical example, if you have installed NT based version of Microsoft Windows operating system on first primary partition, which is formatted with NTFS file system and you select to format the partition as the NTFS file system during Setup to start with the clean partition, Windows setup program would format the partition with FAT file system, copy the files from CD and then attempt to restart the system in GUI mode for continuing the installation. At the same time, your computer system would either stop responding (hangs) or give you the below error message:


If you boot your system from the MS-DOS disk and then run ChkDsk C:, you would come across the any of the below given errors:

The media descriptor byte is invalid.

FAT copies are not the same.

Many cross linked files.

All directory entries were invalid.

Try to repair the affected Windows partition does not sort out the problem, not does this allow the setup or installation to resume. In such cases, you can not access Windows partition and stored data and come across partition loss scenarios. At this point, you are required to find out the cause of this issue and go for Partition Recovery by sorting it out.


NT based versions of Windows operating system format the partition, on which you like to install the operating system, using FAT file system and then carries out the conversion to NTFS file system on final reboot after completion installation process.


In order to recover lost Windows hard drive partitions in such situations, you need to go for Partition Recovery Software. These are powerful and advanced third party applications, which use advanced scanning mechanisms to effectively scan whole hard drive and extract all of the lost partitions. The Partition Recovery Software are completely safe and easy to use.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the most advanced and effective application to handle most of the partition loss situations. This software supports recovery from FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file system partitions. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 RC1, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000.