Bataan mayor orders water study after free-flowing wells dry-up

By Ernie B. Esconde

LIMAY, Bataan, March 13 (PNA) — Mayor Lilvir Roque of this town said Thursday that he has commissioned a water study to determine the real cause of the drying-up of some free-flowing wells, especially in two villages.

Presently affected are Alangan and Lamao, two barangays near big enterprises, but the mayor made it clear that he is not pinpointing blame to anybody.

”We cannot pinpoint who are those and what are the reasons. That’s why we have a water study to ensure accuracy on the details we are going to get. Whatever the recommendations of the experts, we will do it,” Roque said.

Barangay officials in Alangan said seven that used to be free-flowing wells already dried-up.

Barangay Tanod Eduardo Madriaga showed one of the artesian wells that even with the use of a shallow tube well pump, no water came out.

“The residents here have difficulty in sourcing for free water,” the village Tanod said.

In Lamao, village officials said most of their free-flowing wells were already affected and some already without water.

One of the artesian wells needed a three-meter small water hose to be functional.

Roque said they are protecting their water source.

“Limay is blessed with natural resources like water, that is why there are many industries putting up here,” he said.

The mayor, however, said that not only industries but the commercial and residential sectors need water.

“We should balance so that there will be no major effect with the drying up of wells in all sectors,” he said.

Barangay officials said some wells dried-up more than a year ago. (PNA)