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New Book – The Genesis Genealogies

As anyone who’s researched a family tree knows, a basic factor in understanding one’s ancestors is having accurate information on when they were born, how long they lived and when they died. Here, in The Genesis Genealogies, lies that crucial core information about the forebears of Christianity.

Relying on the view that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, Rev. Park has meticulously analyzed the information in the Book of Genesis. Taking the precise date references it contains, and using them to perform calculations forward and backward in time, Park builds a complete chronological timeline from Adam to the Exodus. But understanding the actual order of events and lengths of lifespans is only a start. Rev. Park goes on to show how each biblical patriarch—from Adam through the next 20 generations—is related to the previous generations and to the following ones. This understanding of the patriarchs’ interrelationships and interactions gradually reveals God’s ongoing work of redemption, leading all the way to the eventual coming of the Messiah.

Rev. Park shares decades of his biblical scholarship to help us more deeply understand the layers of meanings that the text offers us. Complete with a detailed index and with commentaries by a range of biblical scholars, The Genesis Genealogies opens our eyes to what the Book of Genesis has been telling us for millennia. As Rev. Park explains, it is “the blueprint of the history of salvation.”

About the Author
Rev. Abraham Park, D.Min., D.D
Rev. Abraham Park, D.Min., D.D., holds degrees from the Presbyterian General Assembly Theological University (B.A.) and from the Seminary (M.Div.), as well as honorary doctorate degrees from several institutions including Faith Theological Seminary and Lael College and Graduate School. He is the former moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea. The congregation at which he ministers in Korea, Pyung Kang Che-il Church, numbers over 65,000 members.

Genesis BookThe Genesis Genealogies
God’s Administration in the History of Redemption
By Rev. Abraham Park, D.Min., D.D.
ISBN-13: 978-0-7946-0628-2
$24.95, hardcover
256 pages
October 2009

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