No August Moon

PHILIPPINES NEWS SERVICE — AMID reports of Oplan August Moon allegedly designed to perpetuate President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2010 by placing generals loyal to her in key military and police positions, members of Philippine Military Academy-Class 77, who spoke in anonymity, said they will not allow this thing to happen.

Claiming that they are “next in line” to be in position after PMA Class 76, members of PMA Class 77 stressed that they will not allow Class 78 who adopted President Arroyo as honorary member to take over top posts in AFP and PNP.

One of the members of Class 77 who holds a sensitive post at AFP said they will not be displaced.

“We will not be displaced. After Class 76, there is 77 and we have more competent officials who are silent workers but can rightfully take the place of our upperclassmen who will retire,” the source said.

“We’re observing the turn of events. It’s obvious that 78 is hellbent on getting the juicy posts before President Arroyo’s term expires. We will not allow that to happen,” another member said.

He even accused Class 78 of “ruining traditions at PMA and creating chaos in the police and military hierarchies.”

A ranking 77 officer said their class has enough skilled officials, namely, Ding Ferrer, Ruperto Pabustan, Ricardo David, Jaime Buenaflor, Pete Tango, Perfecto Palad, Raul Bacalzo and Ireneo Bacolod.

“They are possible contenders for top posts. I hope the next president will consider them,” he said.

Records showed that ousted Senate President Manny Villar is an adopted member of Class 77.

In a related development, Major Gen. Carlos Holganza is reportedly piqued with Lt. Gen. Delfin Bangit, Army chief.

Sources said even Major General Ralph Villanueva, division commander in Fort Magsaysay, is saddened by the “clustering” among his mistahs. “He is aware that many members of the group are dissatisfied with the recent events that had happened. Parang nagkanya-kanya na. He calls the disunity ‘clustering’,” the source said.

Villanueva was among those who were sidelined by his favored mistahs for coveted positions at AFP.

Villanueva was said to be a frontrunner for Army chief but the post went to Lt. Gen. Delfin Bangit, believed to be the most trusted general of President Arroyo.

“Villanueva was ripe for the post but he did not get it because he’s part of the bandwagon although he’s a classmate,” he added.

Another dissatisfied mistah is Mario Chan who is deputy for plan and whom friends say “has been frozen.” “Sayang ’yang si Chan. One star pa lang siya to think na magaling. Hindi kasi magaling sumipsip eh,” he said.

The source even praised these two persons for not airing their gripes to avoid causing dissatisfaction even if they are more competent for the said positions.