(U.S. ASIAN WIRE) Jim Barredo, Filipino American Drummer of Explosive Band

Jim Barredo, Filipino American Drummer

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (U.S. ASIAN WIRE) Tim Be Told, Charlottesville’s confection of catchy hooks and positive vibes, is a band on the rise. They combine a variety of eclectic elements to create a form of soulful pop-rock of their own, similar to Maroon 5 and The Fray. The multicultural band comprises of frontman Tim Ouyang, drummer Jim Barredo, guitarists Andrew Chae and Luan Nguyen, and bassist Parker Stanley.

The Filipino American drummer Jim Barredo performs an important role in creating the band’s infectious sound. As the solid backbone of the band, his drumming forms a strong counterpoint to vocalist Tim Ouyang’s soaring vocals, and guitarists Andrew Chae and Luan Nguyen’s skilled and delicate guitar interplay. The quintet, which includes bassist Parker Stanley, has been on a steady climb to breaking into the music world and gigging all over the United States.

One factor that distinguishes Tim Be Told from their contemporaries is the band’s diversity. Tim is Chinese American, Andrew is Korean American, Luan is Vietnamese American, and Parker is of Western European decent and is also part Cherokee Indian. Jim originally hails from Quezon City, Philippines before moving to Charlottesville and going to school at the University of Virginia.

“I don’t think my heritage has a direct influence on how I approach our music per se,” says Jim. “However, being an example to other young Asian and Filipino musicians as someone who pursued their passion and love instead of a normal, secure career path does weigh on my mind.” Despite their distinct heritage, the band’s eclectic sound has brought them fans as diverse as any band could hope for. The evolution of the band’s sound and message is evident in their new EP, “From The Inside.”

“The song “Analyze” is the track I connect with the most,” Jim says. “There have been plenty of times in my life when all I wanted was for a friend to help me understand what I was feeling or going through at the moment.” This summer, Tim Be Told is blitzing all over the United States in support of their new EP. You can also catch Jim Barredo perform live at the Virginia Filipino Festival on August 8th in Richmond, Virginia.

Their new EP, “From The Inside” is sold online at www.timbetold.com/store and will be available on iTunes in August. To see their schedule and upcoming shows visit www.myspace.com/timbetold.

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